My wardrobe's usually all about the skirts, the blazers and the shoes, but a sneak peek at Hansen & Gretel's new SS'14 collection "TOUCH" has me hooked on three new tops: 
1. the off the shoulder 
2. the cocoon
3. the crop


If you say "off the shoulder", I usually think "boho", which is absolutely forbidden from my wardrobe along with Crocs and jeggings. But this particular one is a little bit slinky; a little bit señorita; and I love how it works for lunch or after five fun with a simple shoe change. 

Who doesn't love a bit of shoulder-popping goodness? 

Drape a blazer over your shoulders to continue wearing it through the cooler months. The fluidity of the silk creates the perfect contrast against a straight, tailored blazer with structured shoulders. 


On the other hand, I say "cocoon" and you probably think "no more taco Tuesday and going on a Hollywood crash diet, perhaps Victoria Beckham's?"

Not true, but I'll admit this one is a little trickier to pull off. 

You have two options: if you did ok in the leg department, pair a cocoon top with an equally structured mini-skirt to create maximum volume on top and put ze legs on display. 

The alternative is to wear something more sleek and fitted on the bottom (like a pencil skirt) to balance the proportions. 

Thicker fabrics will hold their shape the best. This one is the most amazing linen. 


Wearing Hansen & Gretel throughout. 

I've always considered crop tops dangerous territory but at the moment I'm into a little flash of midriff from underneath a blazer and relaxed shorts. The high neckline and obi-style belt on this one make it my kinda crop top. *Insert praying hands Emoji*

The full collection will be available in August so sit tight. In the meantime, see some of their other amazingness on the website.

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