I love Australian style. Whereas the French dress sleek and chic, we Aussies prefer to keep it relaxed (much like our personalities). 

Brydie Mack from WOLFCUB CHRONICLES embodies the quintessential Aussie style sweetheart - serving up daily doses of understated cool and winning us over with her down to earth commentary of all things beautiful. 

With many impressive collabs and the tick of approval from blogging royalty Knight Cat already under her belt, this 20-year-old design student is destined for greatness. 

I got chatting with Brydie to pick her genius brain a little bit...

All images sourced from wolfcubchronicles.blogspot.com

Who is Brydie Mack?

THE CHRONICLES OF HER (TCOH): On a typical Saturday afternoon, where would we find you?

WOLFCUB CHRONICLES (WC): Oh that’s easy, still in bed. My room is a little crowded with my whole life packed into a little square, so my bed is the largest free surface I've got. I do most of my hanging there.

TCOH: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

WC: My morning run! I'm so lucky to live in such a pretty part of the world, so I make the most of it and run across the Harbour Bridge and around to the Botanic Gardens - most mornings. It’s such a great way to start the day - clears my head and those cheeky little endorphins put me in the right mindset for the day.

TCOH: Favourite comfort food?

WC: Grapes and raw cashews.

TCOH: Favourite song to... 

Drive to? WC: How Bizarre - OMC. 
Dance to? WC: Anything R&B. NOT techno noise or house music (if you can even call that music). 
Cry to? WC: Glasgow Love Theme - Craig Armstrong. 
Sing in the shower? WC: It's Gonna Be Me by 'N Sync.

TCOH: What's an unknown fact about yourself you're prepared to share?

WC: Hmm... As much as I adore the world of fashion, there’s something that gives me a bigger buzz - acting. I've slacked off over the past year, but now that I've settled in Sydney I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. Fashion and styling - I'm very comfortable with, but acting terrifies and exhilarates me all at once. It pushes me outside my comfort zone, which I think is so important in order to live a life which is less vanilla and more rainbow with sprinkles on top.

On blogging...

TCOH: WOLFCUB Chronicles is a cute name. Where did it come from?

WC: Why thank you! It came from one of my friends actually. I went through a phase where I was wearing quite a lot of vintage furs, and one night she said to me ‘you look like a little wolfcub’... and it stuck!

TCOH: What purpose do you hope your blog serves to readers?

WC: The reason I read other blogs is obviously for inspiration, but there are a few which do more than that... They evoke some sort of emotion through simple, old fashioned honesty and I like that a lot. It’s refreshing. I hope my readers are inspired by Wolfcub’s content, but I also hope they are able to extract something emotional from it. It’s different for everyone I guess.

TCOH: Now for a tried and tested question: Where do you find inspiration?

WC: Mostly on the net, but surprisingly I've started finding it at school. Whitehouse has a library full of every fashion book I've ever wanted. They also have magazine archives, so sometimes when I’m flipping through I find something from 10 years ago that I know I have to post.

TCOH: Favourite thing about farrrrrshion blogging?

WC: Hands down, the amazing people I meet! When I first started out, I couldn't believe how supportive and friendly everyone on the blogosphere was. I honestly envisioned it to be competitive and bitchy. But, thank God, it’s the complete opposite.

TCOH: What's on the horizon for WOLFCUB Chronicles?

WC: Right now, I'm working hard on my studies. Later in the year I have to put together a magazine for one of my subjects at Whitehouse so I’ll be styling and shooting a lot in the next 6 months which is exciting. I need to find some kickass models...that’s always my favourite part.

On clothes & stuff...

TCOH: Name 3 up and coming brands everyone should check out.

WC: Luxirare (thank you Alex Spencer), Paolo Sebastian (an incredibly talented designer from my hometown, Adelaide. This guy is the next Alex Perry), and Emma Mulholland (insane printed pieces). 

TCOH: What determines your outfit for the day?

WC: My mood swings. Some mornings I wake up and just want to go to uni in my PJ's and beanie. Other days I get myself all amped up... I'm like “yeah, c’mon Brides lets make you look smashing today!” It’s weird. I have (on average) two smashing days a week and the rest are lazy. In summer it’s the other way around.

TCOH: Speaking hypothetically, if you got 'papped', what would you hope you were wearing?

WC: Ooo this is fun, imaginary dress ups! On an unlimited budget? Head to toe Givenchy, with 3.1 Philip Lim accessories and mermaid hair down to my belly button.

TCOH: Biggest cringe-worthy fashion blunder you've made?

WC: Well, it was more of a series of blunders. About 2 years ago, I went through that phase where grunge (I mean real grunge) was in. Everyone was doing the ‘lets see how many bracelets I can fit around one wrist' thing, and same goes for necklaces, clothes, and ch-ch-CHUNKY heels. It was too much. Now I know that less is more and simple tailoring is more my thing.

TCOH: What's your fail-safe outfit?

WC: Boyfriend jeans, patent, black Oxfords, black tee and my beloved beanie!

TCOH: Finish this sentence: THE CHRONICLES OF HER blog is... 

WC: Run by a really nice, stylish girl called Carmen, who asks all the right questions... and has great hair.

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