Here's how to walk the fine line between minimal chic, and just plain boring.


Mix and match neutrals like grey, white and tan, rather than always sticking to all-black. Grey and white, tan and white, grey and tan and all of the above with black makes the perfect minimalist colour palette.


Attention to detail is everything, and you need to have a game plan. How can you subtly bring something simple and pared-back to life? Through jewellery, and even the way you style your hair. I use earrings to personalise any (and every) minimal outfit. 


Break it all up with a statement bag. In this case, an all black bag would probably leave me somewhere between semi-boring and boring, which isn't really where I aim to be.


It's all about the triple strap sandals, especially when they're so sleek and chic like these. Introducing my favourite new heels by The Mode Collective which make every outfit 10 times better. We just can't seem to get enough of each other.