... and here's how it went down.

For me, shopping is like getting my way in an argument with my boyfriend – I know what works... and jumpsuits have never been it.

Not because I don't like them, but because they seem to cling to all the wrong places and make me look out of proportion, not to mention the fact that the whole 'onesie' concept just feels a bit.. off. 

But this one  with its plunging neckline and soft shoulder pads – looked promising, so I decided to try my luck... and let's just say I'm damn happy I did. 

It's super flattering and the subtle, structured shoulders make it perfect for both day and night. 

Add some accents of gold hardware and jewellery and you're in business.. 

Birks for the weekend and these mules for the evening. Easiest. Outfit. Ever. 



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