You've nailed white on white, but have you considered cream on white? 

It's my new favourite combo. 

I eased myself into it with this post (a sharp eye would have noticed the white band clashing with the cream sweater), although it definitely took me a few glimpses in the mirror to get used to. 

As much as I love my favourite black pants, it's always nice to have a plan B, and I've actually found myself getting way more wear out of these white 3.1 Phillip Lim pants than I thought I would. 

I underestimated the versatility of white pants, but they look oh so chic with grey, navy, black, white, pastels (so pretty much everything), and if you opt for some with man-style tailoring like these, a slinky camisole, a sporty crop (this minimal black one is on my list and this fluted Nicholas one is also amazing) or a chunky knitted sweater makes the perfect pairing.

And in keeping with the theme of my last post about how to rule in mules, I decided to give my new favourite shoes some extra air time.